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The AYOdigi II

If you dream about your big refractor to handle as easy as a small beginners scope, you just found the answer - yes, it's true you can!
Die AYOdigi II Montierung
The AYOdigi II with Argo Navis computer
Whether you just look into the milky way a bit or hunting planets, watching DeepSky objects or just take a look of the sun, whether with a 80 or 130 mm refractor or your SCT, the AYOdigi II is the right choice. Unmatched quickly buildup and -down, unmatched easy portable and easy to use. With or without flush-mounted encoders, indistinguishable if you not use once. The AYOdigi II - unique on market.

The AYO II combined 15 years of experience in manufacturing Alt/Az mounts to get the best feeling in movement and vibration damping. The mount do not have mechanical drives that spend you undesirable vibrations at last, but give you the feeling of perfect manual handling like a big Dobsonian which is the better solution for visual observing. You can load a scope over three times heavier than the mount's weight, perfect for traveling to the darkest places. Equally the handling of the mount is so easy and simple that you will ask your self why a astronomical mount works not like this before.

Overview AYO mounts


(height / width)

recommended load capacity
(without/with counterweight
at other side)
length of scope
VAMOtraveler 240 x 180 mm ca. 1,3 kg ca. 6 kg ca. 900 mm
AYO II 244/302 x 207 mm ca. 3,0 / 3,4 kg ca. 8 kg / 12 kg ca. 1200 mm
AYOdigi II 275/337 x 242 mm ca. 5,5 / 6,0 kg ca. 14 kg / 18 kg ca. 1500 mm
AYOmaster 400 x 290 mm 13 kg ca. 25 kg / 30 kg ca. 2000 mm

The mount use complete jerk-free bearings in both axis so you can use your refractor as well as a big dobsonian scope. To adjust the axis for your scope, you can control the friction easy and fine. This will work as well that you can change your eyepieces and follow the stars with the same friction adjustment. This help's to use also highest magnifications for planets or double-stars as well as lowest magnifications for overview of our galaxy and wide bright nebula.

the AYOdigi II without encoder unit in red color
The encoder unit is placed between azimut axis and altitude axis and includes two encoders with each 10'000 tic's per revolution. The encoder unit will have a read-out cable with an RJ45 connector with 8 pin's and work with all common controllers. And because the encoders are complete build inside, they are well protected agains damage while transport or using.

The encoder unit can also install after purchase, so it's no problem for future enhancement of the mount.

the AYOdigi II UL with one optional Losmandy saddle

The standard version has a integrate dovetail holder for small standard dovetail bar (Vixen® size with 45 mm width) and at other side for Takahashi® system for two M8 screws or for Losmandy® 3" dovetail holder. The UL version will have on both side's a Takahashi® compatible system-flange with each two M8 screws and can equipped with two Losmandy® saddle's or your own holders.

A removable flange will fit the socket to Vixen GP® / SkyWatcher EQ5 / HEQ5® or Vixen SX® tripods. When removed, the mount can connect to all standard photo-tripod's as well.
Manual AYO II
Manual AYO II


We manufacture all our products at our own climate-neutral workshop with 100% clean energy, CO2-free from natural sources to protect our climate and environment.

some features of the AYOdigi II

AYOdigi mit Argo Navis Computer
the AYOdigi II
with Argo Navis
universale Teleskopaufnahme

saddle choices

choice of color

view inside

Some applications of the AYO

AOYdigi mit Bino-Fernrohr
AYOdigi with a 5" Bino
AYOdigi mit 6" Starfire
AYOdigi with a 6" Starfire®
AYOdigi mit 5" Takahashi
AYOdigi with a 5" Takahashi®
AYOdigi mit 4" Borg
AYOdigi with a 4" Borg
AYOdigi zwei Teleskopen
AYOdigi UL with two scopes

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