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At beginning is the idea, born somewhere between long nights under the stars and again and again discussions, gradually forming the idea time by time. Subsequently becomes the idea a body, first in mind, than in draft's and finally in reality.

Konstruktion Rohmaterial Konstruktion
from construction to manufacturing - a new AYO will born

Behind a simple draft follow detail draft's again and again and sometime endless program codes; behind list of materials follow purchase of raw materials; behind prototype construction and machining setup's follow a never ending process of ascertain to produce the mount actually.

batch fabrication into our own workshop - no cheap low cost production

So you will get anytime 100% AOK into any AYO mount! Manufactured at our own climate-neutral workshop with 100% clean energy, CO2-free from natural sources to protect our climate and environment.

The secret of the nobly, jerking-free movement is behind costlier details the choice of the materials and finishing of the surfaces. This will be more expensive but will spend so many years of satisfaction with your mount.

setup of azimut axises

But, overall it's not necessary to know this all - while observing you better feel only your scope, not the mount. Nothing has to divert you from the sky - only you and the stars, that's our inspiration to do that.

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