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The AYOmaster II

A mount as easy to use as a AYO, a mont as stable as is perfect for a 30 kg-class telescope, a mount as the AYOmaster II.
Die AYOmaster Montierung
The new AYOmaster II with Argo Navis controller

We provide with the AYOmaster II a highly stable and sustainable mount ready to load heavy telescopes and use it at a easy way. The mount will have a more rigid structure than the other AYO's, perfect to use bigger telescopes. Because this, you can load up to 25 kg at one side without a counterweight at other side as long the tripod will work so. To enable this possibility, the mount will use ball-bearings as well as Teflon® bearings and offer you complete jerk-free movings in both axis so you can use your big refractor as easy as a big dobsonian scope.

Even the AYOmaster II is a bigger, more heavy mount for still transportable telescopes, observing with the AYOmaster II is as simple and easy with the smaller AYO's. Build-in encoders help together with a controller like the Argo Navis to find any object. But if you not like to use, the encoders will not interfere.

The AYOmaster II is equipped with complete jerk-free bearings for matchless smooth motions of your telescope even you use highest magnifications. Perfect for your beautiful telescope.

Overview AYO mounts


(height / width)

recommended load capacity
(without/with counterweight
at other side)
length of scope
VAMOtraveler 240 x 180 mm ca. 1,3 kg ca. 6 kg ca. 900 mm
AYO II 244/302 x 207 mm ca. 3,0 / 3,4 kg ca. 8 kg / 12 kg ca. 1200 mm
AYOdigi II 275/337 x 242 mm ca. 5,5 / 6,0 kg ca. 14 kg / 18 kg ca. 1500 mm
AYOmaster II 400 x 290 mm 15 kg ca. 25 kg / 30 kg ca. 2000 mm
Die AYOmaster Montierung
With a stable tripod, the AYOmaster works perfect even with a heavy scope
The encoders are build complete inside the mount and support the digital controller like the Argo Navis with each 10'000 pics. The most simple setup you can imagination: only the controller unit can replaced and can used so at an other mount too.

The mount fit's to any scopes and tripods or pillars because this mount will produces individually for you with your specifications for your tripod and telescope bar's. Even we can adapt the mount for any tripod, we suggest a really rigid, heavy tripod to support the power of this mount.

The rigid structure of this mount allowed to use heavy telescopes without deform the mount. This rid you to drag counterweights and make the use of your equipment more easy. The mount is still easy to life-off because the integrated grip and enable to use a scope out in the dark you do not think before.

We manufacture all our products at our own climate-neutral workshop with 100% clean energy, CO2-free from natural sources to protect our climate and environment.
Features of the AYOmaster II

AYOmaster with Argo Navis controller
AYOmaster II
with the Argo Navis
technical data
Technical data
and color
universale telescope flange

Dovetail saddle's
the tripod
the tripod

Samples of use

AOYmaster with classical refraktor
AYOmaster with classical
150/2250 refraktor
AYOmaster with refraktor 200/f6
AYOmaster with
200/1200 mm refraktor
AYOmaster with SCT 11''
AYOmaster with
Celestron 11" Edge

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