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Unique Adapters for special Applications

Sometime the original solution of the factory is not the best one for your needs

special solutions

We produce among other things also different adapters which result in new solutions which are not intended by the manufacturer in such a way. Sometimes you just need such a solution to get exactly what you want out of your instrument. Often it is just a simple solution, sometimes it is the combination of components from different manufacturers looking for new solutions. Working as an amateur ourselves, we always get to such points where one has to say, this can also be done differently.

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Selected adapters:

2" frontside - adapter,
for PST Etalon unit
You have a PST and will use the filter unit for your pwn, bigger scope? Here is the answer: Replace the yellow tube and lens unit of the PST and replace with this adapter. You can then simply slide the unit into the focuser of your telescope. Only a backfocus of 7.6" or longer necessary if you will use the PST's "black box" unit.

Note the installation conditions!

Get the power of your scope with the PST unit and enjoy powerfull Halpha observing"

2" backside - adapter,
for PST Etalon unit
The ERF will have a free diameter of 25 mm, Near the focus us OK to get a good field of view. But the blocking filter at the eyepiece side is only 4 mm, so the field of view is strong limited. You can change it when you take a wider blocking filter from Coronado or Lunt. Also, the prism inside the black box of the PST is sometime the reason of unsharp images. To replace this part, the backside adapter is the right solution. In this configuration, about 6" of backfocus at your scope is needing.

Thomas Borowski with PST filter unit and refractor FH150/1200

Adapting plate for TeleVue's Sol-searcher on Telrad base
You have the Telrad finder on your telescope and are looking for a way to easily mount a sun finder? Simply use this base with the TeleVue sun finder and simply place it on the base of the Telrad finder.

The application is very simple and you do not need an additional holder for a viewfinder on the sun. The viewfinder can be used in such a way that you do not have to readjust the whole thing every time - just put it on and watch the sun.

2" adapter,
for Borg 7872 and 7880 Redcuer
You have one of the wonderful Borg Fluorite telescopes with one of the best focuser ever, the 2" FTF2025 BRC focuser and use it for visual observation. With the 0.7x redcuer (Borg #7872) it can also be used as an astrograph. But in the original version you must either change the focuser or use a shorter main tube. The backfocus is simply not sufficient for both applications at the same time.

With the 7872 - 2" adapter you solve the problem elegantly: one telescope configuration for both applications! The adapter can be supplied with the widely used standard thread of M48 x 0.75 mm or the Borg thread of M49.6 x 0.75 mm, the backfocus is 55 mm. So the reducer unit will fits into any good 2" focuser.

usable with Borg 71FL and 90FL, the AOK 7872 - 2" adapter replace "spacer L", "M57 rear adapter" and additional "#7000 adapter". Using of #7352 or #7519 is not possible. Regular 2" filters can place in front of the reducer unit if needed. The adapter works also with #7880 reducer for this 55FL-FTF2020 version of this little nice power-scope.

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