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Binocular holder

If you like to mount a binocular at the AYO, we will support also a special holder for that. It will work with all binocular's with a 1/4" threadhole at bottom of the binoculare. If you have a version with a threadhole at front, please ask.

The binocular holder will have a Vixen dovetail® and offer you varying attitudes to find the best position. The holder works with all AYO with a Vixen clamp system and it weighs about 430 gr.

Universal - binocular holder

If the holder is not in use, you can fix the 1/4 screw safe into a threaded blind hole.

Binocular holder with the 1/4" hand-screw
the hand-screw fixend into the blind hole

An Miyauchi 20 x 77 on a AYOdigi

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