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Dovetails Vixen style (width 45 mm)

Dovetail Vixen-style
The dovetail is the connection part between the mount and the scope. Principal are two kind of profiles in use: the smaller Vixen® style dovetail with a width of 45 mm and the bigger Losmandy® 3" dovetail. Both can use on the AYO mounts and we produce some range of deluxe dovtails if you need some better choice. All dovetail's are milled elaborate with a "X-grid" structure and will have NO elongated hole because this undermine the torsional stiffness clearly.

Dovetail Vixen-style   The deluxe dovetails will have a size of 50 mm at top-side and offer you a great stiffness even they are still lightweight and rounded at all edge's for easier and pleasanter handling.

This kind of dovetail's works perfect up to 10 kg, recommended maximum load is about 15 kg.

We produce Vixen style dovetails with 110mm, 150mm (inc. holes for Takahashi® and TeleVue® scopes), 200mm (inc. holes for Takahashi® scopes), 250mm and 300mm length, all with milled "X-grid" structure.

Dovetail Vixen-style

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