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Fine moving handle

The tracking lever is used for easier tracking of the telescope if it does not allow pulling / pushing on the eyepiece extension or if the lever effect is too small.

The tracking lever is mounted on the mating flange. Two versions are available: one with a round connection that can be screwed directly to the mating flange of the mount and a version that sits on a 3" dovetail rail and can be used on a psism rail holder for 3" Losmandy format. A soft handle allows sensitive tracking with and without gloves. The tracking lever a length of 40 cm.

The handle is attached to a mounting plate so that it can be unscrewed. The plate remains fixed to the mount and the rod can be easily removed for transport. So the mounting can still be quickly assembled and disassembled without tools. Furthermore, the mounted base plate allows the use of the counterweight shaft d at any time.

The tracking lever fits the models AYO, AYO II, AYOnd, AYOdigi, AYOdigi II and AYOdigi UL, the model with prism rail additionally fits the AYOmaster II and all models with matching additional clamp. Made of aluminium, black anodised and with a soft handle made of durable foam.

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