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Counterweight shaft

Normally you will not need a counterweight with your AYO, but sometime is better to use. At one side if the common barycenter of the setup is onesidedly - as much that the tripod can topple down. And second if used telescope is to heavy at one side. But the counterweight dont must balance out the telescope, just shift the barycenter more to the middle.

The counterweight shaft hase a size of 20 mm, same as Vixen GP® / SX® or Sky Watcher EQ5® and counterweight's of HEQ5/NEQ6 and AZEQ5/6® (without the plastic insert) or many popular and similar mounts on market. So you can use your existing counterweights maybe. Made from stainless steel, it can screws in at the oposite flange of any AYO mount.

If you need, we offer a standard counterweight with 3,5 kg. Please note that not the exact barycenter must adjust, just shift toward to the middle.

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