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Additional Vixen style dovetail saddle

If you will use at the opposite side a other telescope with a Vixen style dovetail, you will need a second dovetail saddle. For this we will offer saddle's right size for your AYO mount.

Lightweight-dovetail saddle for the AYO II

Even you can get your right size dovetail saddle for your mount, the size of the mounting screws are the same: 2 x M8 with 35 mm distance (equivalent with Takahashi mounts). Because this, you can use every dovetail saddle at any AYO mount or on some other mounts with this setup too.

Lightweight-dovetail saddle for the AYOdigi II

The clamping bar can complete retract so you can take the dovetail take out without slide. Also, the clamping bar is wide enough to keep your dovetail bar free of pressure marks even it holds the dovetail safe.

Here you can find lightweight dovetail bar's with milled torsion-resistant "x-grid" profile.

Here you can find Losmandy style saddle for the all AYO.

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