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Additional Losmandy style 3" dovetail saddle

Losmandy Halter

This stable and lightweight saddle for 3" dovetails at Losmandy® style works with all AYO modell's and will fix with two screws M8 with 35 mm distance (Takahashi® format) and works perfect up to 20 kg telescope weight. Maximum load is 30 kg when using with other mounts.

Losmandy Halter   The clamp will bind the dovetail solid but will not denting. Also the clamp geometrie ensuring a flat and repeatable position into the saddle. The design of the clamp will hold the dovetail with only one fixing screw safe.

Backside of the saddle is milled a rigid structure to get a most lightweight and stable unit, perfect for your mobile mount.

  Losmandy Halter
Here you can find lightweight dovetail bar's with milled torsion-resistant "x-grid" profile.

Here you can find Vixen style saddle for the all AYO.

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