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Equipment for binoscopes

With two eyes you will see better - especially at astronomy: Deep Sky observing is always at the limit of visibility.

Nothing is better than observing with both eye's

We produce miscellaneous products to build binoscope's, platforms as well as cradle style mounts. Resting upon the experience of the power of a binoscope versus a singe scope with a binoviewer we start few years ago this program.

With a binoviewer at a single scope, the brightness is halves, otherwise, the brightness is not double with a binoscope. But the visibility of faint structures especially at Deep Sky objects will be more than double as with only one scope. That mean in praxis, you will see with a 4" binoscope near as much as with a 8" singe scope (refractor) or a 12" dobsonian.

Background of this reason is, that no one is looking exactly parallel, anybody look's little bit squinting - just little bit only. Normally, our brain will this rectify to get a correct image of our environment. Only at some situations, one of your eye's will "switch of" unnoticeable to get a good image. Both issues imply loss of vision. As long you have enough light, is normally not so significant, but when observing a the limit of your eye's, you loss to much power of your scope.DeepSky observing is always observing at the limit

Only when both optical axis are adjusted exactly to your own eye's, you can catch the full power of your optics! If you see with only one eye just a undefined nebula, with both eye's you can distinguish suddenly many gray shades into the object even is still at same brightness. For example, with a 90 mm binoscope you can perceive the structure of the spiral galaxy M 51. Try to see this with a single scope of this size .... a big different.

This is the reason why you can observe specially Deep Sky objects so vividly and realistic.

Nothing is better than observing with both eye's

All our products are finished with an 18 μ anodized layer. Asian producers typically anodize to only 2 - 3 μ, which is significant less resistant against mechanical abrasion to save expenses. Due to this extraordinary thickness, the color-tone can vary slightly from unit to unit, but it provides extraordinary protection and is a key to the unmatched smoothness of the axis motions.

We manufacture all our products at our own climate-neutral workshop with 100% clean energy, CO2-free from natural sources to protect our climate and environment.

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Several products

BM - 100,
the bino-mount system
The AYOcradle,
universell bino-mount
binoscope platform
BB - 131
binoscope platform
binoscope platform
BB - 140
binoscope platform
binoscope platformr
BB - 160
binoscope platform

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