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VAMO traveler - the true 1400 gr. mount
absolutely lightweight designed

The new VAMOtraveler mount, absolute lightweight designed and perfect for airplane traveling around the world without overweight payments.
The VAMO traveler mount
the VAMOtraveler mount in black
The VAMO traveler mount
the VAMOtraveler mount in grey

"Vamo(s)" in Spanish means "let's go", same as "ayo" in Indonesian. It's the same meaning and it's the absolute mind of this mount. True backpacker's astronomy.

the mount is available also in red-black and grey-black
It is lightweight in design (like aircraft technology) for maximum portability, and yet can be loaded with up to a 4” f/10 refractor or a 8" SCT. The weight of the complete mount is less than 1.4 kg (2.8 lbs), nonetheless it provides vibration-free, absolutely smooth movement that is free of stiction and back-swing, comparable in feel to a good Dobsonian. It is perfect for smaller refractors of up to 4" with a weight of 6 kg and it works even if you use magnifications up to 200x or more.

The mount is compatible with the Vixen GP® or SkyWatcher EQ5/HEQ5® as well as standard photographic tripods with 3/8" thread.

All parts are designed and constructed with a very lightweight yet strong and stable design for your best pleasure in astronomy. Accurately milled with high quality aluminium and resistant with 18 μ anodized layer for long life. All parts means really all parts. Here you can see some example for this effort in detail:

the absolutely lightweight azimuth axis, which weighs only about 100 gr.
the completely milled "Vixen size" saddle on the altitude axis

Overview AYO mounts


(height / width)

recommended load capacity
(without/with counterweight
at other side)
length of scope
VAMOtraveler 260 x 220 mm ca. 1,4 kg ca. 6 kg ca. 900 mm
AYO II 244/302 x 207 mm ca. 3,0 / 3,4 kg ca. 8 kg / 12 kg ca. 1200 mm
AYOdigi II 275/337 x 242 mm ca. 5,5 / 6,0 kg ca. 14 kg / 18 kg ca. 1500 mm
AYOmaster 400 x 290 mm 13 kg ca. 25 kg / 30 kg ca. 2000 mm

Even you use a longer and 4x more heavy 4" refractor, the mount will carry this easy. Perfect for instant astronomy at the face of your home (for moon or planets) or at traveling around the world. VAMOtraveler is not only a name, it's a promise.

A perfect visual solution for travelling around the world with the Borg 90 FL telescope - perfect at home as a photographic machine with the right field corrector. Be free in observing!

The mount is connects easily to existing tripods as well as telescopes: You can use the mount on Vixen GP® or SkyWatcher EQ5 / HEQ5® as well as on standard photographic tripods with 3/8" thread.

We manufacture all our products at our own climate-neutral workshop with 100% clean energy, CO2-free from natural sources to protect our climate and environment.

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