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Saddle systems

Teleskop-Prismenklemme The standard version of the mount will have at one side a Vixen® style saddle for 45 mm dovetail's. The jamming with a clamp will not damage your dovetail even you will press hard. This saddle is perfect for telescopes up to max. 15 kg.

At opposite side is a flange for Takahashi® tube mounting rings with two thread-hole's M8. At this side can also mount some other equipment like a second saddle.

The UL version will have two flange with each two thread-hole's M8, so you can support the mount with two 3" Losmandy® style saddle's if your telescope(s) will have this bigger dovetail system.

The opposite flange support miscellaneous accessories as dovetail saddle's, counterweight bar or guiding grip or also the Takahashi® tube mounting rings.

The AYOdigi II UL has two flat flanges which each 2 x M8 holes (for Takahashi® size) where you can use your own saddle or support with one or two saddle for 3" Losmandy® dovetail's.
Overview of miscellaneous accessories:
With the clamp for 3" Losmandy® dovetail's can you use your scope at your heavy parallactic mount and at the AYO with the same dovetail.
This clamp can mount at both side of the AYOdigi UL version.
With a second clamp for Vixen® dovetails can you load two telescopes at the mount with this smaller dovetail system.
If you use a heavy telescope at one side, there is some risk that your full equipment inc. tripod will overturn. In this case you better use a counterweight bar to bing the barycenter closer to the center. The counterweight bar will have a diameter of 20 mm and will fit with most counterweight's of smaller german equatorial mounts like Vixen GP® or Sphinx or EQ5® etc.

With short tube telescopes like a SCT you will have sometimes no precisely guiding by hand. For this case you can use the guiding grip for a better guiding up to highest magnifications.

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